What will you do differently in 2015?

do differently this year

When you sit and reflect over this past year, what does that tell you about your life?  If you carry on doing the things that you are doing, will you be able to look back and see a life that you intended to live?

Or would you like to be more objective about the bad habits that get in your way, such as procrastination and negative self-talk?  Where things didn’t go as well, would you like to try to work out why and see if you can do things differently the next time?

No matter what your circumstances are, you have the power to change your thinking and doing habits.  Focus on what is important to you.  Sadly, a lot of people will only make changes when the pain of staying where they are, becomes greater than the fear of moving forward.  As a life coach, I am an expert in asking thought provoking questions that assist my clients to find their own solutions.  Sometimes just asking the right question is the answer.

Here are some powerful and thought provoking questions to ask yourself as you plan your year ahead. 

~ What is missing that you want in 2015?

~ What is the main thing that would have the most benefits if you changed it?

~ How will your life improve as a result of this change?

~ Why does this matter to you right now?

~ What is stopping you from making this change right now?

~ What are you tolerating?

~ Where do you give your power away? To whom? And when?

~ What are you holding onto that you need to let go of?

~ What do you get out of staying the same?

~ What one thing would you do if you believed you were worth it?

~ If everyone concerned, irrespective of the outcome, said “well done for trying” what  would you do?

~ What can you learn from others in similar situations, who have achieved what you want?

~ What worked well for them? What specifically didn’t work?

~ What will make a difference to your success?

~ What actions must you take to achieve this?

~ What will you do differently now?

Wishing you all a very happy and restful festive season.

Caroline x