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Questions You Need To Ask


If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.  Sometimes just asking the right question is the answer.  Here are a few thought provoking questions you can ask yourself to gain insight into what you may choose to do differently.

  1. What one thing have I not done that I really want to do and what’s holding me back?
  2. At what time in my recent past have I felt most passionate and alive?
  3. Where have I been forcing myself to heal faster than what feels right?
  4. What would I do differently if I knew nobody would judge me?
  5. What have I learnt from my mistakes?
  6. What signs have I been misinterpreting or ignoring?
  7. How have I been sabotaging my future by dwelling in the past?
  8. Where have I been focusing too much on the outcome?
  9. How is life asking me to grow right now and what am I committed to changing?
  10. What can I do with my current limitations?
  11. Which people provide me with energy, strength, and hope, and how much time do I spend with them compared to the people who drain me?
  12. What instantly restores my inner peace and calm?
  13. What is 1 thing I have been avoiding that if I did it, would feel like a huge weight was taken off my shoulders?
  14. When do I feel the most that my life is full of purpose and meaning?
  15. How often do I tune into my body, pay attention and act on these alerts?
  16. What makes me feel confident on a regular basis?
  17. In what way am I being unforgiving of myself or not supporting myself?
  18. Who can I turn to for support when I’m stressed and feeling anxious? Who listens to me, is able to comfort me and allows me to be myself and speak freely?
  19. What unhelpful coping strategies or activities do I need to avoid?
  20. What is the best way for me to express my feelings when I’m stressed?





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