Due to Covid restrictions I am working by video session only.

Supporting you to recover from stressful setbacks

Most of us feel stressed or anxious every single day and none of us escape difficult times entirely.  Health issues, work pressures, relationship difficulties, or bereavement all test our resilience and our coping mechanisms.  Having someone to talk to that can help you to understand, normalise and address these common human problems will show you that you are not alone and that you can be supported to recover quickly from stressful setbacks.  

Coaching-therapy combines working on the presenting issue, it is proactive and motivational alongside exploring blocks and patterns that may hinder your progress.  This combination will enable you to make lasting changes, develop new strategies and resilience to better manage your professional and personal life. It gives you the chance to change the thinking, behaviours, or emotions that created anxiety and the capacity to adapt and respond to pressures quickly and effectively.

Find solutions to problems and reduce stress and anxiety

When people come to see me it’s usually to find answers to, or relief from problems in their personal or professional life, lifestyle choices, or patterns of thoughts and behaviours of many kinds. These problems might be causing difficulty coping with everyday life and generating feelings of stress, anxiety or just general unhappiness.  

Coaching-therapy can help you to make positive changes by thinking or acting differently, strengthening your relationships, improving your confidence and self-esteem and feeling equipped to take greater control of your life.

Together we will explore the presenting problems and other underlying issues that contribute to what’s going on right now. In order for this to happen, I offer time and space where you can talk about what’s really troubling you, where you are able to just say anything you want without feeling judged. I will help and support you to gain a better understanding of your feelings and thought processes.  I will assist you to find your own solutions to problems in a perceptive and insightful way. This will help you to find your sense of self, let go of old patterns of thinking and feeling and to cultivate awareness, understanding and acceptance in order to develop resilience and greater wellbeing.

I will support you with:

  • practical and productive coping strategies to develop resilience
  • skills that empower and harness your own internal resources
  • fast and effective ways to change your anxious physiology
  • gaining insight to new perspectives and problem solving
  • greater self-awareness, understanding, acceptance and self-compassion
  • guidance for relaxation, practising mindfulness and gratitude

 1:1 Coaching-Therapy Sessions

What is required of you?

As your therapist all I require is commitment – a readiness to change and a willingness to challenge yourself to create new ways of thinking and being.  

Initial Contact 

It is best to first speak by telephone to clarify specifically what your individual requirements are and to ensure that we are a good fit to work together.  This initial 30 minute call is free and you are under no obligation at all.

Contract and Fees

Once we have agreed to work together, we will discuss, decide and agree weekly video sessions at a fee of £55 per 1 hour session.   I’ll ask you to sign a contract agreeing my fees and terms and for payment via bank transfer in advance of each session. I also ask you to complete a confidential questionnaire – this is a getting-to-know-you process. This process allows me to assess where you stand now and provides information about the best way to help you.

Concessions subject to availability ~ I maintain a limited number of reduced cost places, please ask about this if you are not able to afford the regular fee. 

Video sessions worldwide

After this we speak at appointed times every week, that we agree in advance, for a 1 hour video session.  

See what the Professionals say …

“Caroline has a positive approach to understanding the complexities of human relationships and works creatively on the personal development of her clients. She is personable, creative and has high integrity.” ~ Fran Lintern Psychotherapist & Counselling Supervisor

“Caroline has a great perspective and understanding of her client’s needs. She applies this in a balanced way to ensure the desired results are achieved. On top of this she is a pleasure to spend time with, a real tonic! You can expect great results and expertise.” ~ Cathy Beare ~ CFO Holiday Extras

“Caroline is an excellent coach who is calm, professional and knowledgeable with many years of experience behind her, plus the wealth of knowledge from her extensive research and studying activities. She pursues her continuing professional development to ensure her service is of the highest standard and she is extremely easy to work with and exudes a calming influence. She is confident and positive in her approach and I recommend her highly.” ~ Rachel Stone ~ Business Coach Bespoke Training Eastbourne

“Caroline is easy to speak to, positive, engaging and an insightful coach. She will always find the time to listen, but more than that she quickly understands, and finds from her wide range of experience, both empathy and solutions to take you to the next level. I would wholeheartedly recommend her she will make a difference!” John Hensman ~ Director Ulity Limited