Pelvic-core Functional Movement Workshop

~ Sunday 1st of July 2018 ~

Mini Balls

Pelvic-core work isn’t something that you do, it’s everything you do!

  • Do you want to feel stronger in every day movements?
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor?
  • Reduce pain and injury?
  • Work your core ten times more effectively without all the strain?
  • Create a body you feel strong and confident in every single day?

As an experienced fitness instructor I specialise in teaching functional movement mechanics and full core integration exercises. This 2 hour workshop will guide you step-by-step through core movements simply using a mat and a mini ball and it will give you all the tools you need to keep you moving well, enabling you to do all the things you love.


It is my privilege to teach this Pilates workshop on behalf of Liberty Wellbeing.  Everyone is welcome, even if you’ve never done anything like this before.  I will teach you where your core actually is – understanding this area of your body and how to successfully access it, will teach you movement mechanics that you can use in any other exercise programme or training.

You will learn how to successfully utilise your core in everything that you do. By guiding you safely through specific core building movements you will feel instant feedback, stop overusing major muscles and develop better back care with exercises that give you support and relief.

This workshop will help you to develop a relationship with your body where you can know exactly what you are activating when, and feel and see the difference. Discover how to restore your pelvic-core – it’s about using the right muscles not just doing the moves.

Date and Cost

Sunday morning 1st July 10am to 12pm. The cost for the workshop is just £20.

Booking is essential ~ Please click on this link to book Liberty Wellbeing



Our venue is Stalisfield Village Hall, Stalisfield Road, Faversham, ME13 0JE with picturesque views over the countryside.  Please park on the grass outside the hall and there is a fantastic pub across the road (The Plough) if you fancy having lunch after the workshop.

Stalisfield Hall

Stalisfield Hall 2

What to wear and bring

Wear comfy clothing that you can easily move in (leggings, t-shirt, fleece, etc.) You can be barefoot or wear socks and we always advise you to wear layers as we can’t predict the weather. Please bring your own mat with you. If you have a mini ball please bring it with you, otherwise we will lend you one on the day.

Look forward to seeing you there.




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