Events during the year




Self-Care & Resilience Training ~ Early Learning Teams Kent County Council

DSC02161  DSC02156

Guest speaker ~ Ashford Counselling Service AGM.

IMG_0285.JPG  IMG_0288.JPG Mindfulness Training in Schools ~ Hamstreet Primary Academy

Cliftonville Training

Staff Training Seminars in Schools ~ Cliftonville Primary School


Staff Training Seminars in Schools ~ Great Chart Primary School

iPhone 271.JPG

Meditation Class

iPhone 289.JPG

Wellbeing Event

Wellbeing Day 2014 - How to Think Positively 2.jpg  Wellbeing Day 2014 - Teaching Unwind Spine Class  Wellbeing Day 2014 Unwind Spine Class Wellbeing Day 2014 - Unwind Spine Class Wellbeing Retreat Day

iPhone 311.JPG

Mindfulness Meditation

workshop 17 may 011.JPG workshop 17 may 001.JPG

workshop 17 may 014.JPG

Self-Massage with Tennis Balls Workshops


Pink Ribbon Class ~ Breast Cancer Awareness

iphone 2016 118.JPG  iphone 2016 119.JPG

Class Nov

Mind Body Soul Class

DSC02171.JPG  DSC02173.JPG

Wellbeing Retreat Day


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