Self-Massage with Tennis Balls Workshop 

Saturday 3 November 2018 ~ 10am – 1pm

workshop 17 may 014

This workshop is ideal if you answer yes to any of the following:

  • Do you want to relax and relieve aching neck, shoulder and back muscles?
  • Does your body feel stiff and sore when you wake up or after a long day of work?
  • Do you have excess tension in your hips, legs, or back?
  • Don’t have the time or money for regular physiotherapy or massage sessions?
  • Do you suffer with tension headaches?

In this workshop I’ll help you to relieve the tension in your muscles and improve the range of movement in stiff and aching joints by teaching you how to do self-massage techniques using just a simple tennis ball. Using a tennis ball is like foam rolling, but more precise for its accuracy and versatility. Whether you’re a hard-core gym-goer or a relatively sedentary office worker you will benefit immensely from incorporating some self-massage techniques into your daily routine.  Come and learn creative tips on using a tennis ball to self-massage myofascial trigger points, decrease soreness and increase mobility.

Date and Cost

I am presenting this workshop on behalf of Liberty Wellbeing on Saturday 3rd November 10am to 1pm and the cost is £42. This includes your 2 tennis balls for you to take home with you and refreshments half way through the session.

*** Booking is essential *** 

Please click here to book:  Self-Massage Workshop


Stalisfield Village Hall, Stalisfield Road, Faversham ME13 0JE this spacious, modern hall provides picturesque views over the countryside.  Please park on the grass in front of the hall and there is a fantastic pub across the road (The Plough) if you fancy having lunch after the workshop.

Stalisfield HallStalisfield Hall 2

What to bring or wear

Baggy clothing is not advisable so please wear leggings or fitted gym wear.  The hall is heated, but it is best to wear layers that you can put on or take off. You will work barefoot or in socks.  Please bring: a mat to lie on, a cushion/pillow and a blanket/towel. 

Benefits of Massage:

  • counteracts the imbalances caused from postural stress and repetitive strain injuries
  • decreases the frequency and severity of tension headaches
  • reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, resulting less stress, tension and anxiety
  • releases endorphins which are the body’s natural “feel good” chemicals
  • helps to release muscles that are pressing on nerves, therefore relieves tingling in arms/legs
  • boosts the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine which are involved in depression
  • helps to ease the mental distress that is caused by being in pain
  • increases circulation
  • assists lymphatic drainage

Feedback from previous Self-Massage with Tennis Balls Workshops

I can’t believe how a simple tennis ball can become such an effective massage tool. Now I can massage all those hard to reach places where I have knots in my muscles. Using these techniques during my work day or at home while watching TV has made a remarkable difference to the way I feel. It is empowering to know that I can massage these areas without always having to seek treatment from a professional. ~ Ann

This workshop was very useful as I am suffering with shoulder impingement and physio is not regular enough, so this will help me in-between. ~ Heather

This session was very relaxing and really good – especially for my neck and shoulder tension. I will be able to use these techniques at work. ~ LG

I found it really useful to know how to find the trigger points and how to massage my lower back when lying on the floor. ~ Steve

It was useful to find out about the different muscle areas. You had a lovely calming voice. ~ Jon

Learning how and where to place the balls and the movements to do helped me to find area which needed less or more attention. I could feel the effect and this will enable me to carry on with self-massage at home. ~ Lyn

It was really useful to learn how to use a simple tennis ball to massage! I enjoyed learning about how to reach each muscle group and apply pressure correctly. ~ Michelle

Learning these massage techniques will greatly help to reduce the tension in my lower back. ~ HM


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