Pilates Classes

Educational and inspiring classes where you can learn more about common postural, strength and flexibility issues

As a fitness professional with 28 years’ of experience I specialise in teaching full core integration exercises.  Your core is comprised of a specific group of muscles which stabilise and support your structure and improve your balance.  I teach with a strong emphasis on breathing properly and correcting spinal and pelvic alignment.

As we get older we experience physiological changes – joints become stiffer and we lose elasticity of our connective tissues (tendons and ligaments).  Since our body is an integrated system of muscles and joints, being too tight or too weak in one area leads to compensations and adaptations in other areas.  It is incredibly important to teach our body correct movement patterns that will keep us safe while we go about our daily tasks.  Pilates teaches you how to activate your core stabilisers and how to move safely with precision and control. The aim is to achieve muscular balance which is paramount for moving in an efficient manner that prevents injuries.

Pilates is a progressive form of exercise and only those who attend classes regularly will really feel the benefits.  In each class you learn more about your own body and how it works, and gain useful tips that you can implement into your daily routine to successfully utilise your core in everything that you do.

This class is designed to help you to be more in tune with your body so that you can know exactly what you are activating when, and feel and see the difference. You will discover how to restore your pelvic-core – it’s about using the right muscles not just doing the moves. You learn how to listen to your body and how to control your movements to avoid any compensating patterns which cause aches and pains in the long run.   Each session ends with a guided relaxation that will leave you feeling calm, balanced and restored.



Class Testimonials …

“I attend Caroline’s classes as it helps tremendously to reduce the pain of my arthritic joints (I suffer from a moderate degree of osteoarthritis of the neck and knee).  We work hard in the classes but in a very relaxed friendly manner.  Her approach is scientific and she gives us many options for the exercises and warns us in advance about the best option for those who have joint problems.   Caroline is an excellent instructor and waits at the end of the class to answer any questions we have.  I feel very safe when I am in her classes and look forward to them as they have transformed my life.” ~ Dr Sara Ghulam

“I’ve participated in Kung Fu all my life and now as I’ve got older I have more difficulty with knee and hip pain, so it’s become increasingly difficult to continue with Kung Fu. As someone who has always kept physically active, I began attending Caroline’s exercise classes 10 years ago and her classes help to keep me feeling flexible and I always enjoy the core workout. I find her class very good for my mental and physical wellbeing, it helps me to relax my mind from worrying about problems. If it wasn’t for Caroline offering me alternative exercises and encouraging me along with the nice bunch of people in the class I would have given up long ago.” ~ Brian Denney

“I have attended Caroline’s classes for a month now and have enjoyed them.  At last I feel I understand muscle and breathing control during exercise.  The class caters for all fitness levels but as a beginner I don’t feel left out and do the exercises at my level.  I have had a few injuries so I need to be careful that I don’t aggravate these again.  Caroline is very attentive to detail and shows how to do the exercises without putting strain on these areas.  I would recommend this class to increase strength, posture and become much suppler.” ~ Chris Johnston

“I’m grateful for your brilliant classes that keep my shoulder problem at bay and my mind focused. I always leave feeling so calm. If you could put it in a bottle you would be a millionaire!” ~ Chris Rose

“A friend suggested that I join these classes.  Caroline is a very knowledgeable and supportive teacher.  The sessions are varied and interesting, with the right amount of challenge for me and alternative exercises are always suggested when necessary.   The classes are always enjoyable and the company is friendly.  I attended these classes because I want to improve my balance and core strength and I have continued to attend them because I enjoy them – they are fun!” ~ Caroline Berry

“Caroline has an excellent understanding of injuries.  I had a discectomy last year and was worried about exercising, but realised that it was essential to improve my core strength.  I cancelled my gym membership as I felt that the instructors didn’t really understand my injury and I was scared that exercising incorrectly would damage my back further.  Caroline is able to look at each of her clients individually and adapt exercises to suit each person’s need and she gives lots of options to make each exercise easier or harder.  She explains what muscles you are using during each exercise and ensures that we are doing them correctly. Her classes are fantastic, they change each month so you don’t get fed up with the same old routine and I am a lot more mobile since starting them.  During the beginning of the session she gives useful lifestyle tips and the relaxation at the end is amazing.  My favourite has been the meditation for pain relief which has really helped me to deal with back pain more positively.  Caroline is kind and gentle and has an amazing manner, I always come away from the class feeling that I have worked out, much more positive and most of all relaxed.” ~ Shena Cullen

“I have been attending Caroline’s classes for many years now as I used to have lower back problems, but since doing these classes every week I now no longer have the problem.  Caroline’s classes keep me supple and strong and I also benefit from the relaxation session which is sometimes hard to remember to do with the busy lives that we lead.” ~ Pat Taylor

“Caroline’s class is perfect for me.  I have been someone who has taken my body for granted and have never needed to be aware of what is going on beneath, but now I have reached an age when some knowledge will be to my advantage.  Every class is prepared thoroughly and she gives holistic facts in a gentle way.   I have found Caroline to be a very caring and sensitive person where nothing is too much bother.  She is easy to talk to and therefore a relationship starts immediately.” ~ Margaret Martin

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