Relax and Repair Sessions

The events of the past 18 months have impacted the whole world and continue to do so.  The collective grief and loss that we have all faced in one way or another has left its mark on our nervous systems and high levels of anxiety continue to prevail amongst all age groups.  This level of chronic stress and trauma dysregulates our nervous system and can keep us stuck in fight-flight-freeze responses that may lead to chronic health diseases. 

Co-regulation through connection and support is a way for us to re-regulate our nervous system, alongside learning to use specific practices that re-tune your nervous system so that it can be returned to a normalised, fully functional state to become more flexible and resilient.

As a trauma informed Psychotherapist, I offer weekly group sessions to teach people about their vagus nerve and their nervous system, and how “stress-related illness” such as anxiety, depression, gut disorders, autoimmune issues and chronic pain can arise from nervous system dysregulation after chronic or traumatic stress.

Relax and Repair Group Sessions

Many chronic health diseases manifest from long-term stress, anxiety or trauma.  Change the nervous system and you also change the immune, hormonal and digestive systems.  The vagus nerve is the cornerstone of your emotional health and it is the antidote to stress.  It is key to a multitude of physiological functions that underpin everything from your mental and physical wellbeing, maintaining relationships and your general happiness.

In these sessions you will learn how to:

  • repair and regulate your nervous system
  • understand, calm and regulate your emotions
  • re-tune your nervous system to be more flexible and resilient
  • relax and release tension through restorative postures

A healthy nervous system is not always calm.  In our life we will experience some stress, challenges, adversity, and failure. Whether you experience it as feeling anxious, angry, reactive and hyper-vigilant, or experience it as burnt out, exhausted, withdrawn and shut down, either way your nervous system is dysregulated.  A healthy nervous system that is given the opportunity to fully recover from stress activation becomes adaptable, resilient and flexible.

Regulation means you learn to coax your nervous system back to a healthier state that allows you to cope better with life.  You have more options; you can see different perspectives and you have greater agency in shaping your life.  Sometimes you just need the right tools to help you to return to a state where you can think clearly and feel at ease.  When you regularly use practices that re-tune your nervous system it becomes more flexible and resilient.

Regular weekly sessions on: Friday at 11h00

Venue: Romney Marsh

Cost: The session is 1 hour and the cost is £15 per session – pay on the day.  Concessionary rate for frontline staff is £10.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing and bring a mat or something suitable to lie on, 2 pillows and a blanket.  During the session you will be seated on a chair or lying down.

Numbers are limited, so please confirm your attendance in advance by email.

Or for any further enquiries please feel free to email me: