Trauma is what happens in your nervous system in any distressing event where you feel overwhelmed, powerless, helpless or lacking control. It can happen to anyone after distressing events when our instinctive fight-flight-freeze response has been activated and not fully discharged, or when we fail to recalibrate our mind-body system.  Anyone, who has prolonged stress without adequate recovery, can find themselves on the continuum between stress and trauma.

This 6-week programme will empower you with your own nervous system tool kit filled with effective, evidence-based neural techniques that build emotional regulation, resilience and help you to recover quickly from stressful events. 

The sessions are 1 hour and you’ll attend 1 session per week for 6 weeks at a day and time that are suitable for you.  These sessions will take place via video so they are accessible to everyone anywhere.  You will need to have excellent internet connection, a fully charged video device, and a room/area where you will have privacy and not be interrupted.

Is the Relax and Repair 6-week Programme for me?

If you experience any of the following symptoms this programme can help you:

  • Anxiety, fear, emotional overwhelm or have difficulty switching off
  • Depression, feel stuck, flat or lack motivation
  • Digestive issues such as IBS, pain, constipation or bloating
  • Chronic pain, aches or muscle tension
  • Autoimmune issues such as rheumatoid arthritis
  • Insomnia
  • Have experienced trauma, high levels of stress or adversity
  • Long-term fatigue, burnt out
  • Chronic inflammation

Following periods of high stress or trauma, your nervous system goes into overdrive and this can stop you from being in the present moment, from relaxing & enjoying life and from connecting with other people. It causes chronic changes to your immune system, endocrine (hormonal) system and even ages you faster.

You can attend the 6-week programme if you …

  • Are currently having therapy with someone else who does not offer body-based therapy to complement your talk therapy sessions with them
  • Have completed your talk therapy sessions elsewhere and would like to learn body-based practices
  • Are not ready to embark on talk therapy sessions, but would like to learn body-based practices only
  • Have tried other therapies and would like to learn more about how you can repair your nervous system
  • Have completed therapy sessions with me and would like to continue to have 1:1 body-therapy sessions to regulate your nervous system

During the 6-week programme you will learn about:

Heart-Rate Variability – exact techniques that help you to improve the connection of heart-rate variability and the vagus nerve.

Cultivating Resilience – specific skills to help you to avoid becoming highly reactive or shut down during times of stress.

Self-Regulation – neural practices that help to keep your nervous system regulated so that much less energy is required to manage your moods and emotions.

Enteric Nervous System – your gut is your second brain and has an enormous influence on your thoughts, feelings, emotions and decision making.  You will learn body-based practices that improve the gut and microbiome.

Myofascial Tension – releasing deeply stored tension in your body helps you to unwind old emotional patterns to create lasting change to your nervous system.

Neuroception – knowing how to create an internal sense of safety in the present moment prevents you from repeating situations from your past.

You will also learn how to unwind long-term tension and support your vagus nerve using postures, movement, sensory points, guided visualisations and the breath.

Since my professional background, prior to training as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist, was a fitness professional and holistic therapist for 30 years’ working with individuals and groups, I continue to use the experience I gained then, in my current work to focus on exploring the mind-body relationship.

To gain the best results I teach with a strong emphasis on:

Embodiment ~ the practice of attending to your sensations. This involves awareness of your body and checking in with your body.  For example: What physical sensations do you feel in your body? What do you notice about your breathing?  Where do you sense areas of tension? When you learn to sense and feel your body in this way, you are able to take actions that help you care for your needs and to stay in balance. If you ignore your sensations, you are more likely to override your needs and over time you can start to feel unbalanced, anxious, or out of control.

Proprioception ~ the sensory feedback about the position of the body as related to gravity. This awareness includes knowing if you are sitting upright, leaning to the side, or maintaining balance while standing or walking.

Somatic movement ~ encouraging awareness of the body and its potential for greater ease of movement in our daily life. The emphasis is on listening deeply to the body. Noticing what is already happening and how we carry out habitual movements, working with the breath, responding to sensations, encouraging exploration of alternative ways of moving and consciously altering movement habits and choices.

1:1 Relax and Repair Testimonials:

“For years I have struggled with body discomfort and pain. In busy stressful times, I inevitably experienced tension in my body, followed by injury from an overwrought nervous system, sometimes leading to debilitating pain. I have tried so many things to break the stress/pain cycle without really understanding the root cause. Through 1:1 sessions I have learnt about the importance of engaging with my rather neglected parasympathetic system to calm down my nervous system and relax my body. Caroline is a wonderful instructor who helps me to work through specific nervous system relaxation practices and gentle restorative postures.  My experience in one such session showed me how valuable this unique session is. A week of stress and emotion had left me with intense body pain. Caroline’s 1:1 session allowed my mind and body to calm down. At the end of the session I left pain free.  I can thoroughly recommend this therapy to anyone that is experiencing challenging and stressful times.” ~ Ruth

“Thank you so much for your Relax and Repair session on Friday morning. It was very relaxing and the hour passed quickly. The different body practices were easy to follow and the explanations were clear and informative. I have not been sleeping well for some time and Friday was the first night in a while that I slept for 7 hours without waking. I doubt that it was a coincidence and trust that your session had an effect on my vagus nerve and nervous system in spite of my incomplete knowledge on the subject. Some of the practices you taught I will do on my own, but I appreciate that dedicating an hour regularly would be much more effective. Thank you again.” ~ Caroline