Workplace Wellbeing

The Health and Safety Executive states that 105 million days are lost to stress each year, costing UK employers £1.24 billion.

Wellbeing in the workplace is an extremely important way that employers can support their workforce to develop resilience. 

I work with people on an individual basis and also in groups, assisting them to develop better self-care habits for greater emotional and physical wellbeing, learning new coping strategies, and building new thoughts and habits to help them to feel more relaxed and well.

Offering a wide-ranging experience in:

  • staff wellbeing training for teachers.
  • teaching children in schools about Mindfulness to help them to gain awareness of their emotions and to self-regulate.
  • working with groups of anxious adults teaching a variety of practical tension taming techniques, coaching models to assist them to make a mind-body connection and cognitive ways to alter negative thought patterns and behaviours. 
  • delivering seminars in health clubs to assist members and staff to reach their goals and achieve success in areas of their life that they choose to change.
  • working with teams in business to help them to develop resilience to stress, to self-motivate and to master positive thinking in the workplace.
  • public speaking at events and retreats.

As a fully qualified PTLLS trainer my sessions are designed to be informative, interactive, practical and restorative.  They are delivered to accommodate all learning styles.

By providing sound instructions, resources, information, tips, ideas,  and advice my services will help your staff to:

  • discover effective strategies for preventing stress and anxiety
  • learn tools and techniques to help them to feel calm and relaxed
  • find out how to get rid of negative emotions more skilfully
  • improve their focus and motivation for better efficiency


Choose a workshop topic below or please contact me about a more bespoke session:


  • Mindfulness ~ practising presence in everyday life through increased self-awareness and self-compassion.

  • Self-care ~ learning how to optimally care for your emotional and physical wellbeing.

  • Tension Taming Techniques ~ practical fast and effective tools, tips, and techniques for reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Positive Thinking ~ changing negative self-talk by challenging cognitive distortions and patterns of thinking that impact thoughts and behaviours.
  • Developing Resilience ~  understanding how to bounce back, recover quickly from setbacks, solve problems more efficiently and handle upsets more capably.
  • Self-Motivation ~ exploring values and limiting beliefs, overcoming obstacles and stretching out of your comfort zone.
  • Sleep Hygiene ~ effective techniques and practical ways to reap the benefits of better sleep that include: your bedroom, lifestyle, stress and worry, exercise, diet and supplements and relaxation.


 Wellbeing in the Workplace …

“Re-energising, relaxing and rewarding describe the well-being session Caroline provided for my school staff at the end of a very tiring, cold day. Some staff were quite sceptical that an after-school one-off workshop would be successful but all were pleasantly surprised. In just over an hour they all felt relaxed and rejuvenated by following a few simple exercises that were explained very clearly. Caroline’s voice provided the magic; so calming and soothing that a wonderful atmosphere was created, enabling us to leave our anxieties and tension behind and enjoy the moment. No specialist equipment was needed, just a mat and tennis balls so with the useful notes that Caroline gave out, these are techniques we can all use at home or at work! This is an experience we will be repeating and I would recommend Caroline’s workshops without hesitation whether for a one-off session or regular workshops. She definitely worked miracles on relaxing my staff.”  Jane Macey ~ Headteacher Hamstreet Academy

“Our counsellors benefited tremendously from attending your Tension Taming Techniques workshop.  They said is was an excellent, active, inspiring and informative workshop. ” Tracy Dighton ~ General Manager Ashford Counselling Service

“A really beneficial seminar on Self-Care thank you.  Caroline clearly has a passion and understanding and delivers strategies that are relevant that can be used by anyone to support their own emotional wellbeing at any time.  Our staff attended the Self-Care seminar as part of a team day.  Feedback received included how staff found the strategies for managing stress really useful and were going to be able to use this in everyday life.  For some staff this has led to further personal interest in the topic and they will look to continue their own learning to support their personal development.” Joy Nelhams Senior Early Help Team, Kent County Council, Kent

“We have an extremely dedicated and hard-working staff committed to improving the life chances of the children at Cliftonville.  They always go the extra mile for both children and their families. This is supported by the commitment from the governing body and leadership team to ensure the long-term health and well-being of all staff.  Caroline’s workshop was very well received; it was rooted in theory but practically based and provided opportunities to learn about relatively small but significant changes that will have a large impact on well-being.  The session on Mindfulness was of particular interest to staff and we will be following up on this during the year.  Caroline challenged our thinking in a thought-provoking and supportive manner and I recommend other organisations, especially schools, using her.” ~ Jane Troth Headteacher Cliftonville Primary School

“Caroline is a fantastic health practitioner with skills across the board from massage to life coaching. She is professional, knowledgeable, super positive and can be highly recommended. She is personable, an expert and has high integrity.” ~ Simon Hagger CEO Holiday Extras

“Our teaching staff really appreciated Caroline’s seminar on Stress Awareness and Management. We all know that our job can be a stressful one and Caroline gave us lots of strategies for increasing our awareness and recognising indicators of when that stress might be getting too much. She explained the science, encouraged us to reflect on our own strategies for managing stress and taught us fast and effective techniques to manage anxiety too.” ~ Adam Stevens Deputy Headteacher Boughton Monchelsea Primary School

“It was great to take the time to consider different Tension Taming Techniques and strategies that could help relieve tension at work and in everyday life. It is so important to encourage staff to take time for themselves. Caroline’s session was calming in itself and there was something for everyone. We look forward to further sessions. Thank you. “ ~ Jenny Thomas Assistant Headteacher, Great Chart Primary School – Kent

“I have benefited from Caroline’s approach to managing and dealing effectively with pressure and stress from a number of team coaching sessions Caroline has facilitated. She has a wide range of easy to use approaches and techniques which I have applied to my everyday working life and I have seen powerful personal benefits.” ~ Stephen Houlihan HR Consultant and Coach

“The tension taming techniques were really helpful and I learnt techniques I’ve not used before.  They were relaxing to do and I will use these for myself and when working with clients.” ~ B.K. Counsellor – Kent

 “I found the whole seminar to be really useful and interesting. Very worthwhile for people in the teaching profession.” ~ L.P. Teacher

“Your seminar provided a good mix of listen and do. I was amazed by the scientific information about the body and the factual information presented. I loved the “opportunities”technique you taught us.” ~ C.B.

“I found it very informative, building on what I know and use personally and professionally.  I just have to remind myself and you have helped me with this. I found the tongue relaxation technique and vagus nerve information very helpful.  These are quick and easy techniques for me to teach my clients.” ~ K.A. Therapist – Kent

“An excellent, active, inspiring and informative workshop.”  ~ Carol Dalton Counsellor – Kent

 “Enjoyed the very informative overview of how the mind and body work during times of stress.  Most useful bits were around being mindful and how to make sure that this happens regularly.”  ~ A.S.

“Learning about the vagus nerve and the physiology of breathing was very interesting. I really enjoyed doing the relaxation techniques.” ~ T.W.

“I found it really useful and practical to know how to find the trigger points and do self-massage on my lower back using tennis balls.” ~ Steve Ive Headteacher Kennington Junior School

” You had a lovely calming voice.” Jon Colbran ~ Teacher

“Thank you for the practical strategies for turning thoughts to the positive and the time you allowed to reflect on the application of techniques to my life.” ~ C.S.

“Well delivered seminar with a wide base of information and lots of different ways of diverting negative thinking.” ~ S.D.

“A really super session on how to change my way of thinking so I am more positive. I hope to use many of the techniques and the calming breathing was great.” ~ B.H.

“Thank you for a really interesting and well-presented session – you are a funny lady! I really enjoyed the mindfulness practice, deep relaxing breathing and identifying problems and answering the questions you put to us.” ~ K.B.

“You provided lots of strategies for transforming negative thinking and the nutritional information was extremely interesting.” ~ J.A.

“I really enjoyed the mindfulness practice – I have read lots about it but never actually found the time or discipline to try it out. Now that I have a better idea of how to do it, I will. The information on nutrition and supplements was very interesting and useful.” ~ J.C.

“I feel that I have learnt some very useful techniques.  The deep breathing, visualisation and progressive muscle relaxation techniques were most useful.  I found it interesting to see how I could lower my heart rate by controlling my mind.” ~ Janet Brian

“Caroline has an excellent depth of knowledge and really increased my understanding of stress.  I found learning about the physiology and the explanation of the response to stress most interesting.” ~ Jo Rickards

“Enjoyed the session and feel it will be beneficial for myself and also with the people I teach and deal with through my work.  All the relaxation techniques were interesting and useful.”  ~ Lesley Beech, Fitness Instructor – Kent

“A very practical session and well-chosen/suited to the laymen. Really nicely presented and a well-structured morning with neither too little nor too much information. I found it really useful to learn about the benefits of each technique.” ~ Birgit Oberleichner

“I left the session feeling very relaxed after participating in the tension taming techniques.  I particularly enjoyed learning about using a gratitude journal and the deep breathing techniques.” ~ Anne Kelly

“A great workshop! It was good to stop and think about how I can help myself – very helpful.” ~ R.K.

“A very helpful reminder for our everyday attitude to life. We will use certain techniques to aid positive thinking and get through stressful moments. Your aura of positivity is perfectly suited to this role.” ~ J.L.

“The bits I found really useful and interesting were the breathing exercises, the time you gave us to apply to self and it that it was grounded and realistic. Thank you.” ~ J.P.

“I enjoyed the strategies, time to reflect and a realistic approach.” ~ K.L.

“You taught us useful, practical techniques for relaxation and mindfulness. I don’t usually relax at this kind of thing, but I was well and truly in the zone with the mindfulness activity!” ~ K.H.

“Learning how emotions are strongly linked to your gut, how to use different techniques to change a negative into a positive thought and the mindfulness relaxation were all very helpful.” ~ G.S.

“An excellent workshop with many useful ideas for positive thinking, mindfulness and relaxation tips.” ~ J.H.







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