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 A collection of my articles all about trauma all in one place

Trauma and How Your Breath Impacts Your Nervous System

Trauma is physiological. It is a highly activated incomplete biological response (fight, flight, freeze). Anxiety signals that your nervous system is lacking safety and we constrict. This impacts our nervous system, muscles and tissues.  Constriction in the body...

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Trauma and Noise

  Have you ever noticed that when you are distressed you don't hear properly and can easily misinterpret someone's tone of voice? Or you become more sensitive to certain sounds or noise? Or you may startle more easily when you hear a noise?Did you know that when you...

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Part 3 ~ How to Set Boundaries with Someone Close to You

When you need to set boundaries with someone close to you, use calm, assertive language to discuss the boundary clearly and in advance, to give the person a head’s up that things will be changing. Practice and rehearse what you are going to say and how you are going...

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Part 2 ~ How to Set Boundaries in Practical Ways

  There is a need for a range of different types of boundaries in your life, because they apply in various mind, body, and soul human experiences.   Physical Boundaries This includes recognising and talking about your own self-care needs (what you eat, how...

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Part 1 ~ What are Boundaries and why do I need them?

Boundaries are an essential part of the trauma recovery process, because they increase our feelings of safety and self-worth. Difficulty with setting boundaries can occur if in childhood we weren’t given the chance to express ourselves, or we followed the...

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