Trauma FAQs




Frequently Asked Questions

What is polyvagal therapy?

The polyvagal theory is named for ‘polus’ meaning many, and ‘vagus’ the nerve which runs throughout the human body. It is a tool for working with trauma and social connection based on how our nervous system reacts to external stimuli varying from safety to danger.

I’ve tried yoga retreats, mindfulness and meditation – they didn’t work!

This is a common occurance for my clients, who have sought help and been promised healing that did not materialise. Some clients have unlocked trauma in a retreat and suffered panic attacks, or other fight/flight symptoms that have done more harm than good.

Polyvagal trauma therapy is specifically tailored to your parasympathetic nervous system to allow for real calm and long-term change. Talking therapies and the wrong kinds of breathwork can make trauma worse. In my sessions, we only look at healing, you will not be asked to re-live your trauma.

Will I have to talk about my trauma?

No. In my sessions we look at mental and physical techniques to find trauma trapped in your body, and allow it to release. You will not be asked to talk about your trauma, however you are welcome to if you feel ready, safe and able to.

How do I book?

Please feel welcome to email me for a chat about your needs. Booking is easy, simply choose a day and time for your video consultation from my booking page.

What happens in a therapy session?

This time is for you.  A time for you to speak freely, to express your worries, fears and concerns, as well as your hopes, desires and wishes.

It’s where your voice matters and where you are really listened to and understood.  

I will guide you throughout the sessions and ask some questions to gain insight into your history of past and present issues that are causing you to feel distressed now.

I teach my clients  neuro-scientific body practices so that you can support your nervous system to be more balanced and resilient when you are out of the therapy room.  It is important to know that you are not required to talk in detail about past trauma’s in order to heal them.  

My consultations are always a combination of talking therapy and learning new Polyvagal body-based practices. This mind-body approach ensures that you are not re-traumatised and can feel relaxed and supported in each and every session.

How many therapy sessions will I need?

Everyone is different.  Is your trauma recent?  Or do you have a complex history of trauma?

Some people may only want sessions for 6 weeks to learn some tools and resources to regulate their nervous system.

Some people will prefer a deeper dive into their healing.

In order to gain the maximum benefit, weekly consultations for a minimum of 6 months are recommended.

Please feel welcome to get in touch to discuss where you are in your healing journey. 

How long does each session last?

Each consultation is 1 hour.

How regularly will I have sessions?

In order to gain the maximum benefit, I recommend weekly sessions.

Longer gaps may disrupt continuity and progress. My aim is always to empower and heal clients to the best of my ability. Weekly sessions allow for me to do my job to the highest standard.


"I didn’t realise that the vagus nerve did so much. Explains a lot about why I reached burnout. I've learnt how to calm myself in stressful situations and it only takes 10 seconds.”


“This is the best gift to yourself - it is life enhancing! The body practices helped me to learn how I can take more control of releasing tension and calming myself.”


"I am much more conscious of my body and what it might need. I know how to calm myself instantly."


Are you ready to feel safe, relaxed and in control?